Debbys Dabbyls - Handmade custom quilts and longarm services
Edge to edge quilting means that the pattern is repeated across the entire quilt.  see Examples 1 &2  :   There are dozens of patterns to chose from and you can chose, or I will use my best judgement and design something to  highlight your materials. The cost is  .02 per square inch. (length X width X .02)  Quilting time runs about 2 weeks. 
Custom Quilting consists of individual patterns in each area. Example 3 : Block by block with sashings or edges. Cost varies from .03--.05 depending upon the level of complexity.  It requires more input from the maker and much more time for the longarmer.    
We can supply backing and/or batting at an additional charge. Binding services are also available.
Please call to discuss what you'd like or need and we'll be glad to give you a free "rough" estimate.  A final written, signed estimate will be given to you upon meeting with me.  All quilting is done with an Innova Longarm machine and the robotic services are available for " perfect" quilting.  Always sewing straight lines and rounded curves will take the guess work out of how your design will finish. Quilting can "make" the quilt.

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